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Bentley ?connects? with New Delhi

New Delhi: Bentley Systems’ Connection Event in New Delhi saw heavy participation by infrastructure professionals from the city and surrounding regions. The delegates were enlightened about Bentley’s common environment for comprehensive project delivery — the CONNECT Edition (CE). This edition comprises of a common modeling environment, common performance environment, and common data environment.

The event also gave a sneak peek into the OpenRoads ConceptStation CONNECT Edition, which is to be released later this year. The product takes full advantage of Bentley’s recent acquisition of LumenRT, which makes designs live — something you would see in animation movies. It should be noted that Bentley forayed into the world of 3D reality modeling last year with the acquisition of Paris-based Acute3D. The company’s reality modeling product ContextCapture takes existing data sources, such as, imagery, existing point clouds etc., and processes them into a simple, automated, hands-on 3D engineering model. These capabilities have been buoyed by another product, LumenRT, allowing a user to create animated 3D worlds of a project.

Another major announcement at the event was that Bentley Navigator CE will ship with every soon-to-be-released Microsoft Surface Hub.

The keynote address on ‘Advancing Infrastructure’ was delivered by Kaushik Chakraborty, Regional Executive, Asia South. He explained that the CONNECT edition is all about convergence — connecting assets, connecting users, projects and enterprises, and connecting reality and ‘virtuality’. “When you build an infrastructure project, you are not building just the physical infrastructure, but also a digital bank of your assets,” Chakraborty said.

Pointing out that just like smart city, BIM is also becoming a buzzword which is thrown around everywhere, Chakraborty stressed that when Bentley talks about BIM, they mean better performing assets through information modeling and better project delivery through information mobility. “We have integrated a lot of industry processes and standards around BIM integration. For us, BIM is a process, a workflow; it’s in everything that we do.”

Talking about the advantages of Bentley’s Cloud subscription services, Chakraborty said, “We are trying to be in sync with the Year 2016 and how the Cloud is changing our industry. Our Cloud Services Subscription charges users only for their quarterly actual usage, allows them to predict their budgets, and gives them flexibility. You only pay for what you use.”

The afternoon tracks focused on the latest and greatest in CONNECT Edition products. These concurrent seminars focused on areas like civil design, geospatial and structural analysis.

Source: Our correspondent