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Bentley CONNECT Edition promises to deliver innovative infrastructure projects

Chennai, India: Bentley Systems’ CONNECTION Event in Chennai today gave attendees a lowdown on its next generation of software for sustaining infrastructure, called the CONNECT Edition. Carey Mann, Chief Marketing Officer, Bentley Systems, utilised his time on stage to share highlights from the Annual Report 2014, and talk about how the CONNECT Edition has the potential to redefine the way teams design, build, and collaborate on infrastructure projects.

Talking about the CONNECT Edition, Carey elaborated, “Comprising a common modelling environment, common performance environment, and common data environment, the CONNECT Edition makes use of Microsoft Azure’s secure cloud services for hybrid computing configurations. It should also be noted that apart from design integration, the common performance environment now includes construction work packaging, engineering content management, deliverables management and projectwise sharing.”

As a part of the common modelling environment, Bentley has extended its Project Playbooks and Personal Playlists to include application tools from CONNECTED Partners LumenRT (e-on software) and ADDS (Roussey Solutions). The key components of common modeling environment are Reality Modeling, Parametric Modeling, Functional Components, Accelerate and Automate Documentation, Analyse Design Alternatives, Construction Modeling and CONNECTED User Experience.

Talking about the common data environment, Huw Roberts, VP, Platform Marketing, Bentley Systems, said, “Modelling isn’t about only geometry. You need to integrate all data, including 3D drawings. The file format for V8i and CONNECT Edition remains exactly the same, helping you overcome any interoperability challenges. The common data environment helps you aggregate and exchange multi-disciplinary models to better support your downstream activities.”

Carey also talked Bentley’s recent acquisition, the France-based Acute3D, provider of Smart3DCapture software for reality modeling. He said, “Acute3D software uses ordinary digital photographs taken with any camera — be it a highly specialised camera or your smartphone camera — to create a compact and intelligent 3D ‘reality mesh,’ which can be used in analytical modelling.”

Another talk point was Bentley’s acquisition of UK-based C3global, provider of Web-based Amulet software for operational analytics. He said, “Amulet has helped us break the barriers between operational technology and information technology, facilitating more effective decision-making in real-time.” Carey was also excited about Bentley’s acquisition of ‘optioneering’ software SITEOPS, which utilises cloud-based computing techniques to allow site development professionals to explore engineering alternatives and their costs.

Source: Our correspondent