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Bentley announces the ProjectWise Passport

Los Angeles, USA, 30 April 2007: BE Bentley Systems announced the ProjectWise Passport – a portable, and global license for collaboration.

The ProjectWise Passport provides ProjectWise users with a collaboration license that is portable between projects. With just one ProjectWise Passport a user can be licensed for any ProjectWise client, including:

  • ProjectWise StartPoint
  • ProjectWise Navigator
  • ProjectWise Explorer
  • ProjectWise InterPlot Organizer

    For example, with ProjectWise Navigator, Bentley’s newest addition to the ProjectWise collaboration system, project team members can review and enrich original 2D and 3D design content. This promotes full design collaboration within an iterative workflow to cycle the enriched content back to the design team.

    In addition to working as an independent application, ProjectWise Navigator can also operate in a managed environment as a client to ProjectWise StartPoint or ProjectWise Integration Server. Again, the ProjectWise Passport will license all such uses.

    Using ProjectWise technologies, teams will experience a faster time to ROI than the 12-month norm. This is due, in part. to their increased ability to manage, find, and share valuable project content for reuse, and immersively review and analyze project designs. The benefits include:

  • Closer connections between people and information across a distributed enterprise
  • Increased project quality leading to improved service to clients
  • Easier change management, reduced risk, reduced rework, and cost avoidance

    ProjectWise is a scalable collaboration system for connecting people and information across the distributed enterprise. It includes desktop clients and servers. A ProjectWise Passport can be procured as a perpetual license or as a subscription for project use. For more information on the ProjectWise Passport or the ProjectWise collaboration system, go to www.bentley.com/ProjectWise.