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Bentley announces release of Bentley PowerSurvey

Bentley Systems, announced the release of Bentley PowerSurvey. PowerSurvey offers surveying consultancies and engineering firms a full set of tools for the capture, transfer, and analysis of survey data. As it is CAD-based, it provides immediate visualization throughout the survey workflow. PowerSurvey communicates with all industry-leading survey data collectors and supports the DGN and DWG file formats. The highest productivity feature of PowerSurvey is the user-definable feature database. This capability allows surveyors to generate and view drawings with feature and point details onsite for immediate verification.

PowerSurvey integrates existing survey and civil engineering systems and promotes reuse of data. By connecting field-surveying devices to a personal computer, laptop, or tablet PC, users can share survey data with other systems without translation.