Bentley and Trimble pool resources for Construction Modeling

Bentley and Trimble pool resources for Construction Modeling


US, November, 3 2014: Bentley Systems and Trimble have pooled their resources to develop Construction Modeling for AEC market. Aspects of Construction Modeling include modelling of temporary works, intelligent positioning, “splitting and sequencing,” detailing for fabrication, workface planning, construction work packaging, and support for distributed construction – referencing and supplementing design modelling deliverables.

“Architects and engineers today perform design modelling with BIM toolsets that support optioneering and analytical modelling, which enable owners to make better decisions for better-performing assets. However, some of the most advanced BIM deliverables have simply not been useful for constructors’ requirements. Accordingly, the constructors have been left to create their own discrete 3D models for the limited purposes of construction visualisation,” read the joint press release issued by the companies.

Bryn Fosburgh, vice president responsible for Trimble’s Construction Technology Divisions, said, “We are now really hitting our stride working with Bentley so that our mutual construction modelling activities help our users, working together on projects, to get the most advantage of constructible models. We see a great many ways to transform workflows so that BIM’s lifecycle benefits can be achieved.”

Bentley and Trimble will each contribute to construction modelling advances by pooling resources for product development through sharing schemas across design and construction applications to ensure that constructible models maintain semantic fidelity; and leveraging i-models for construction deliverables to and from the companies’ respective software and hardware, when used together in project deliver.

Source: Trimble