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Bentley and Cyra Technologies announce partnership to spur growth of ‘3D Point Cloud’ content

Bentley Systems, Incorporated and Cyra Technologies, Inc., a Leica Geosystems company, have formally announced plans for Bentley to distribute Cyra’s CloudWorx(TM) application software for Bentley MicroStation(R).

The CloudWorx application, first announced by Cyra in December 2001, lets engineers and designers take advantage of rich, 3D point clouds directly in MicroStation. Point clouds created by Cyrax(R) 3D Laser Scanning systems represent a powerful, new source of information content for organizations and projects that require accurate “as-built” or “as-is” information.

“As-built” information derived from point clouds is being increasingly used by professionals to create better designs of modifications to existing facilities, for better construction planning and quality assurance, and for more efficient asset management. Industries taking advantage of point clouds include plant manufacturing, transportation, and building.

In addition to providing a familiar interface for MicroStation users, CloudWorx for MicroStation also slashes time requirements for processing 3D point clouds into as-built 2D drawings and 3D models. Another advantage for MicroStation users is that they can use 3D point clouds as a backdrop against which to better design a modification to an existing site or structure.

Better retrofit designs enable retrofit construction projects to run more smoothly by eliminating construction interferences and construction fit-up problems.