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Bentley and Adobe team to drive PDF as a standard for AEC

Bentley and Adobe Systems Incorporated have joined forces to optimize the Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) to better address the complexities of Architecture/Engineering/Construction (AEC) information and document workflows.
While Adobe PDF is already widely accepted as the de facto standard for electronic document exchange for many industries, including AEC, this collaboration is aimed at delivering enhanced document solutions for the AEC project life cycle. The companies also plan to bring other leading software vendors together to move the PDF specification forward in engineering. Bentley is licensing the Adobe PDF Library to integrate PDF creation directly into Bentley technology, enabling users to utilize PDF for AEC document sharing and archiving from within the MicroStation desktop and ProjectWise server products.

“Our users are asking for broader and fewer standards,” said A.B. “Buddy” Cleveland, senior vice president and general manager, Bentley Software. “With half a billion copies of the Adobe Reader distributed, PDF and its tremendous network effect will now be eminently accessible to the AEC industry.”

“PDF is the ideal format for sharing documents in all stages of the project life cycle. From exchanging design documents to creating bid sets, managing change orders and final archival across the extended project team, Acrobat and PDF deliver AEC customers file integrity, added security, and a ubiquitous client with free Adobe Reader software,” said Ivan Koon, senior vice president, ePaper Business Unit, Adobe. “

Adobe and Bentley will detail the optimization of the PDF solution achieved by this joint development, including the ability to create, navigate, and query PDF sets from within Bentley products, in an upcoming conference call for executives, partners, and press.