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Benefon partners with China

21 August 2006: Wireless and GPS technology company Benefon has signed a contract with Chinese digital mapping company Nav2. Nav2 will provide map data for use on Benefon’s forthcoming range of TWIG personal navigation devices, which it is preparing to launch in the Chinese market in late 2006.

The TWIG brand and product range from Benefon combines navigation and mobile telephony in an integrated device, and uses the latest GPS technology to deliver location-based services to the mobile user. With these services, together with its navigation platform, TWIG gives mobile consumers access to GPS technology.

Benefon, with offices in Finland, UK and Russia, is a developer of mobile GPS-enabled satellite navigation devices and solutions. It has developed a range of hand-held, in-vehicle and machine-to-machine mobile and back-end software applications, hardware and components, for use by network operators, enterprises and mobile consumers.

Nav2, a Shanghai-based joint venture between Navinfo and Navteq, provides digital map data for navigation, tracking, POI searching, route calculation and voice guidance for in-vehicle navigation solutions, portable navigation devices, location based services solutions and fleet and GIS services for China.