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Belgium firm develops Maritime Location Intelligence

The Automatic Identification System (AIS) is a platform that is used by ships to communicate their status. This include GPS location and activities like fishing and underway using engine. It is also an important data source for maritime analysts to monitor the Situational Awareness at the ocean and is a input data for the Vessel Traffic Services (VTS).

The AIS is communicated with the help of terrestrial receivers, whenever ships reach near the shore. However, the AIS is also sent through satellites (S-AIS), with the help of satellite firms like exactEarth, Spire. The latter recently launched Dynamic AIS (D-AIS). Under this technology, receivers can be installed on moving ships in busy vessel routes , collecting the data when no satellite is visible. It communicates the data in near real-time when there is a connectivity in satellite. The data is rapidly added up to billions and billions of location records.

To understand this data, analysing fishing pattern or detecting illegal fishing, the Belgium-based xyzt.ai helps in builing a technology technology that that monitor location records that can be done ata at both the overview and detail level. People may also go through the video that helps to find out how how to visually monitor more than 2 billion records, histogram aggregation, doing hot spot analysis, filtering on status and attributes.