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Belarus signs first contract for delivery of satellite images

Belarus: Belarus has signed the first contract for the provision of images from the Belarusian space satellite, said Director of the Geoinformation Systems Sergei Zolotoi.

The framework contract for the provision of geospatial information services was signed by Geoinformation Systems affiliated with the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus and the Geo-Innovation Agency Innoter.

In accordance with the terms of the contract, the national operator of the Belarusian space system for remote sensing of the earth has already provided GIA Innoter with a set of micro-frames of panchromatic and polyzonal imagery with the files of RPC-coefficients for the total area of 2,740 sq. km.

According to Sergei Zolotoi, the information provided by the Belarusian operator will be used by GIA Innoter to do research in conjunction with the American company Geo22. The project is about the use of satellite images from the Belarusian satellite and Canopus to determine the qualitative and quantitative characteristics of woodlands, wood species, assessment of forest damage caused by forest fires, air pollution, illegal logging. The work will be carried out for the Ministry of Forest and Soil Conservation of Nepal.

Source: Belta