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Belarus sets up RS data processing centre

Belarus: Belarusian remote sensing satellite has transmitted the first images of earth’s surface. To process these images Belarus has established a remote sensing data processing center, said Sergei Zolotoi, Director General of the enterprise Geoinformation Systems of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus.

The Belarusian satellite system is almost ready. The circuit to control the satellite is ready and went online the moment the satellite was launched. Apart from that, specialists have tested the operation of individual subsystems. “We are now about to switch on the telescope,” said the Director General. The telescope is expected to be switched on after the other subsystems are checked.

According to Sergei Zolotoi, after getting the first images specialists continue calibrating the equipment. “The first images were received on 29 August. Today we have received a new series of images,” he explained. The specialists have performed more tuning of the onboard equipment.

The National Academy of Sciences of Belarus worked out the concept for the national system for the remote sensing of the home world back in 2003. Thus, it has taken nine years to get it implemented.

“As you know, the first step is always the hardest. In this case it is not that hard,” Sergei Zolotoi shared his thoughts about the quality of the satellite images.

The Belarusian satellite can take black-and-white photos with the maximum resolution of 2.1 meters. It is enough to distinguish immovable objects such as buildings and bridges and to get their exact location. The image quality will be sufficient to see automobiles. Color photos will have a resolution of 10.5 meters.

The satellite will be useful for the development of mapmaking services. Besides, it will be used in town planning, geodesy, land utilization, agriculture, and the forestry business. The images will be used by the Emergencies Ministry, too.

Source: BEATA