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Belarus, Russia to spend USD 80 mn on space technologies

Belarus: Russia and Belarus will jointly spend around USD 80 million on development of space technologies. The programme of the Union State of Belarus and Russia “Development of space and ground-based systems to supply remote Earth sensing data to customers in Russia and Belarus” costs RUB 2.5 billion (over USD 80 million). Codenamed Monitoring-SG, the programme is designed to run in 2013-2017, announced Anatoly Komisarchuk, Deputy Head of the Minsk Representative Office of the Union State Permanent Committee.

The concept of the programme was approved by the Union State Council of Ministers on July 18, 2012. The development of the programme is nearing completion now. Soon it will be forwarded for consideration of the Union State Council of Ministers. The programme is designed to create means, technologies, and software for the sake of increasing the reliability, performance capabilities and durability of space-born systems for the remote sensing of the earth.

The programme is required to unite efforts of relevant Belarusian and Russian enterprises, to resolve the problem of creating reliable space equipment, the problems of developing promising radar, hyperspectral, and optoelectronic equipment.

Anatoly Komisarchuk said that three joint space programmes have been implemented in the last 13 years.

Source: Belta