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Belarus, Russia draft space programme for 2012-2016

Russia: Belarus and Russia drafted a new space programme, ‘Development of space and ground aids for providing earth remote sensing information to Belarusian and Russian consumers’ (Monitoring-SG), for 2012-2016, announced Vladimir Popovkin, Head of the Russian Federal Space Agency (Roscosmos).  

“The new program is a continuation of earlier joint programmes,” the Roscosmos chief said. “The document has passed virtually all harmonisation procedures in both countries. The finance ministries of the two countries are set to study them soon,” Popovkin opined.

The new program Monitoring-SG is another step to implement the long-standing efforts of Belarus and Russia to integrate their ground and orbital spacecrafts as well as intellectual and manufacturing resources for the study and peaceful use of outer space. The new program envisages the development of new technical and hardware/software solutions of the ground systems to control, receive, process, distribute space information and use the capacities of the orbital group of Russian and Belarusian spacecrafts.

Under the programme, both countries will develop new models of onboard, ground, special-purpose and scientific equipment, materials and hardware components with improved properties. Besides, there are plans to design hardware/software complexes and training aids to train, retrain and provide advanced training to specialists dealing with earth remote sensing with the use of state-of-the-art computer, information and telecommunication technologies.

Source: law.by