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BeiDou signals to monitor car driving tests

Shanghai: China is using high accuracy GNSS receiver as sensors to enforce new car driving test. ComNav, the first Chinese high accuracy GNSS OEM board manufacturer and the world’s first company to produce GPS+BeiDou OEM board, has sold more than 5000 GNSS OEM boards/receivers to this new business.

The system uses Real Time Kinetics (RTK). Authorities mark the testing area and measure the car’s shape before installing the system which is divided in two parts. The first one is the base station which sends differential data to the rover. The other one is installed on the car. When the car starts moving, the system uses either 3G or WIFI to transmit real time data to the control centre to get real time accurate heading and position of the car. This helps the authorities to know whether the car is driven in the assigned area or not. Both the trainee and system (authorities) get to know the result without any delay.

Source: comnavtech.com