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Beaufort County to get integrated land records management solutions

Beaufort County is one of three South Carolina counties currently implementing NovaLIS Technologies’ integrated land records management solutions.

Officials in Beaufort County selected NovaLIS’ Assessment Office and Land Development Office solutions because of their flexibility to meet the county’s existing and future needs. The solutions will fully integrate with the county’s geographic information system (GIS). They will also improve sharing of land records data, and coordination in land planning services and assessment.

NovaLIS’ solutions will tie land use activities such as planning, zoning, and building inspections to the assessor’s office. With NovaLIS’ solutions in place, the county will be able to easily track procedures such as the development of a lot of land as it moves through the planning stages to zoning and then building inspections.

“The interaction now between the zoning and planning departments, and the deeds and tax assessor’s offices, is paper-based and cumbersome,” says Frank Guth, head of the county’s management information systems. “The NovaLIS system will eliminate much of the paper that is passed between departments. This will not only help those departments become more efficient and mistake-free, it will speed up the permitting process for developers and landowners and make more information available to the public.”

The system will also interface with the county’s stormwater utility program and 911 addressing system. The county eventually would like to expand the system to the treasurer’s office, which generates tax notices. Beaufort County selected NovaLIS to supply Assessment Office following a public bid process for the provision of a turnkey Computer Assisted Mass Appraisal (CAMA) and Assessment Administration (AA) software package to support the county’s Assessor’s Office.

Aiken County, South Carolina is implementing NovaLIS’ Assessment Office solution to improve the flow of property and other land information among departments. NovaLIS’ Assessment Office, Parcel Editor, and GATE solutions are also being implemented in York County to provide the county with a complete computer assisted mass appraisal (CAMA) solution and GIS.