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Beat the Traffic with ESRI’s web mapping technology

US : Triangle Software has collaborated with ESRI for its flagship Beat the Traffic 3D product. As part of the agreement, Beat the Traffic will have access to ESRI’s Subcription-based Map Services, a web mapping API that offers world-wide imagery, street maps, physical maps, Topo maps, shaded relief, and political maps. The mapping and imagery bundle also includes US demographic maps. The ESRI package will enhance Beat the Traffic 3D’s station-specific maps, traffic forecasting system, and customised routing solutions.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with ESRI and leverage ArcGIS’ Web Mapping and online map services inside our award-winning Beat the Traffic 3D software,” sais Andre Gueziec, president and ceo, Triangle Software, the company that operates Beat the Traffic. “With this collaboration, we can deliver higher-resolution and more realistic imagery to illustrate traffic reports.”

“Maps and images provide information that people can interpret quickly,” said ESRI Transportation Industry Manager, Terry Bills. “We are excited that Triangle Software has integrated ESRI Web tools in Beat the Traffic 3D to provide television viewers with real-time information about the roadways they travel.”

Beat the Traffic 3D software is used by more than 40 television stations and cable providers for on-air presentation of traffic conditions and is growing in excess of 60 per cent per year.

Source: Triangle Software