BE magazine details newest trends in software licensing

BE magazine details newest trends in software licensing


Exton, USA, 20 December 2006 – The latest issue of BE Magazine (, published by Bentley Systems, Incorporated, begins with an article by Damian Rinaldi, a contributing writer for Software Magazine, that is a must-read for everyone involved in software licensing and its management.

In the article, Rinaldi makes clear the changes that are afoot in software delivery methods, licensing, and update management practices. He discusses the current challenges in measuring and assigning value to software, and explains the benefits of the subscription model and the trend towards acquiring software as a service.

Joe Croser continues to explore the topic of software value in the article titled “Software Licensing Made Simple.” Croser, who is global marketing director for Bentley platform products, says that in order to accommodate increased globalization, infrastructure organizations are demanding more effective ways to manage and rebalance their software portfolios to adapt to changing business requirements.

He explains, “Bentley’s Annual License Exchange gives organizations the opportunity to rebalance their technology portfolios for optimum productivity in the year ahead – replacing old and underutilized licenses with new technology more suited to the changing business needs of a distributed enterprise.”

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