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Be Inspired – Bentley Systems celebrates quarter century


, N.C. Oct. 13, 2009 – At this invitation-only gathering of top users from around the globe, Bentley Systems, Incorporated, observed its 25th year as a company dedicated to providing comprehensive software solutions for the infrastructure that sustains our world.

CEO Greg Bentley and CTO and founder Keith Bentley opened the morning keynote sessions by presenting an engaging dialog that included a retrospective on Bentley Systems’ first 25 years, followed by their perspectives on current innovations in technology and business practices that are driving success in information modeling for intelligent infrastructure. They concluded with their priorities for innovations that will become the future drivers of success. Reflecting on Bentley’s 25 years of steady growth from a startup at the University City Science Center in Philadelphia in 1984 to its stature today as a $500 million provider of software for the design, construction, and operations of infrastructure founder and CTO Keith Bentley said, “For me, what distinguishes Bentley Systems is our long-term collaboration with the professionals and organizations who achieve so much in improving the quality of life for us all, through the projects they design, construct, and operate. I’m proud that our software has helped to empower them over the past 25 years.”

As part of his perspective, Greg Bentley expressed gratification to infrastructure professionals who have chosen Bentley Systems’ offerings. Looking ahead, Mr. Bentley said, “To enhance sustainability for our global economy and environment, the world’s infrastructure community is leading the way, through intelligent infrastructure investment opportunities. By applying information modeling, which leverages society’s ‘digital infrastructure’ investments to date, we are together achieving higher returns with lower risks, enabling our users’ projects and the assets they create to perform better. The resulting intelligent infrastructure will sustain renewed growth in economic activity and productivity, more cleanly and safely. Keith Bentley added, “With all my Bentley colleagues, I enthusiastically look forward into the next 25 years. We’ve never been more optimistic about Bentley Systems’ contributions. Our software helps our users make infrastructure investments more intelligent, rewarding, and sustainable. To me, there’s no higher calling.”

Earlier in the morning during a press briefing, Greg disclosed the latest acquisitions and collaborations by the company – Three acquisitions and a collaboration.

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Source : By our special correspondent , GIS Development