Bayantel network operations benefits using MapGuide Enterprise

Bayantel network operations benefits using MapGuide Enterprise


Quezon City, Philippines, August 21, 2007: Bayan Telecommunications said that their GIS, using Autodesk’s MapGuide Enterprise 2008 edition, deployed last year has finally paid off as network operations improved dramatically. With the completion of Bayantel’s GIS, dubbed Bangis (short for Bayan Network GIS) in March 2007, it now takes network engineers only a few seconds to retrieve records, said Abelardo Gaitana, network engineer of the engineering and applications-OSP engineering of Bayantel’s network division, and head of the Bangis project.

Gaitana said Bayantel worked with a third-party provider to digitize “idle” paper-based records from 2000 to 2006. About 5,000 records were converted into digital files which are now accessible via Bangis.

He added Bangis has also helped the company reduce time to do network engineering work which starts with surveys, design and deployment of network. From one week, we can now do it in two to three days. Also Bangis has helped produce more accurate geographical information of areas in the country.

It took Bayantel six months to deploy Autodesk’s MapGuide Enterprise 2008 edition, which also happens to be the first commercial deployment of the enterprise edition of Autodesk’s GIS software in the country and Bangis will soon be deployed to other divisions of the company, namely the sales and marketing groups added Gaitana.

“In terms of return on investment, this project is not directly felt by the company but it improved our network operations in terms of employee productivity,” he said.