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Bayanat appoints Al Melhi as CEO

UAE: Bayanat for Mapping & Surveying Services, a provider of customised geospatial data products and services, appointed Khaled Al Melhi as its new Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Al Melhi will focus on maintaining Bayanat’s national leadership in mapping and surveying services. He will also direct the company’s strategic capabilities towards the fulfilment of Abu Dhabi’s 2030 Vision for economic development.

Al Melhi was Bayanat’s Chief Operating Officer (COO) prior to being assigned to his new post. Before that he was the head of the UAE Armed Forces Military Survey Department’s Photogrammetry Section. He brings over 20 years of expertise in aerial photography, surveying, cartography, mapping science, remote sensing and GIS. Al Melhi holds distinguished academic credentials from the British Institute of Professional Photography, the University College London’s Faculty of Engineering, the UK’s Oakland College, Newcastle University’s Faculty of Science, and United Arab Emirates University.

“Bayanat recognises the importance of putting the right people in the right place to realise its goals and help in the development of Abu Dhabi. Khaled Al Melhi possesses all the traits of a successful CEO; he is a leader, a veteran in his field, and a supporter of corporate and national visions. We expect Bayanat to realise further distinctive accomplishments in the coming years,” said Rashid Bin Lahij, Chairman, Bayanat for Mapping & Surveying Services.

Source: Emirates24/7