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bavAIRia and partners to start the obsAIRveYourBusiness project

Germany, September 18, 2014: The obsAIRveYourBusiness project, funded by the European Commission (EC) will be started by bavAIRia and its partners GAF AG, DLR and Regio Augsburg Wirtschaft from Germany, Airparif from France, and the research networks CORILA and INNOVA from Italy.

The project will provide a customer-specific service for cities and regions by offering high-resolution air quality forecasts

EC has given funding for this project in order to further develop the Copernicus downstream service obsAIRve.

While obsAIRve already disseminates European-wide air quality information, obsAIRveYourBusiness will enhance the service with high resolution air quality model data for selected cities.

An key aim of the project is to provide detailed air quality information on the city level. Using the latest mobile technology and numerical models, the service will translate environmental data into individually localised information for citizens.

Source: GAF AG