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Bangladesh President emphasises GIS, RS use in development plans

Bangladesh National Geographical Association (BNGA) organised the three-day 11th National Geographical Conference at a city hotel recently. Association president, Prof Zafar Reza Khan presided over conference, while Prof Nazrul Islam of Geography and Environment Dept of DU presented the keynote.

President Professor Dr Iajuddin Ahmed urged politicians, economists and geologists to come forward to successfully apply country’s potential geopolitical strengths for its economic development. The President said utilization of geographical study and knowledge has been enhanced rapidly in country’s development and welfare of human being as importance and necessity of theoretical and applied geography increased. Modern geography has brought about a revolution in quick formulation of proper development plans inventing GIS technology and utilizing Remote Sensing System.

President Dr Iajuddin also pointed out massive application of these technologies in military and civil sectors in the developed countries. Geography made the difficult works like analyzing, preserving and formulating plan of any land-related issues easy and faultless. Not only the geologists but also the soil scientists, engineers, planners, statisticians, agronomists, meteorologists and environmentalists are also using the technology.