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Bangalore firm makes its mark in geospatial hardware

The Indian journey to secure a foothold where it has virtually none, IT hardware products, has reached a significant early milestone with the rapid commercial acceptance of offerings from MobiApps.

MobiApps is headquartered in the US but does most of its product development work out of Bangalore (except for some chipset design work done in the US) where 110 of its 160 staff are located. The contract manufacturing is done in Austria and the sales team is distributed all over the world, with a substantial sales presence in Singapore. Over 5,000 fleet management devices developed by it are now installed in vehicles round the world. These integrate GIS (geographic information system), GPS (global positioning system) and GSM (the mobile phone standard) technologies to track fleets round the clock, anywhere in the world, for clients.

Among the company’s customers are GM, Hyundai, Ford, Dell India and TCIL (Transport Corporation of India Ltd). The most recent customer win is the Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation, the state owned bus company which serves Bangalore. Its 1,400 buses will now be tracked by the MobiApps technology (hardware and software) which will allow the fleet managers to know exactly where a bus is at a point in time and also be provided with extensive MIS on how much every bus has logged, what route it has followed, how much time it has taken for this and a lot more.

MobiApps will launch in the second half of the current year a next generation satellite modem which will change the entire technology and economics of satellite-based communication (it has filed five patent applications).

The device currently used is the size of a brick; whereas the basic system that MobiApps has developed is built around a chip the size of a calling card. Being so much smaller, the device will be easy to install, will cost a lot less and most critically, will consume a lot less power.