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Bank of Italy accepts the BIM challenge

Italy: By 2025 every public contract will be designed with BIM .  As per the Ministerial Decree 560/2017, in Italy the use of Building Information Modeling for public works will become mandatory. It is a complex target for contracting that are calls to re-examine the traditional design processes and increase the integration between disciplines.

The Bank of Italy, who runs major institutional real estate assets, is addressing this profound transformation.

The adoption process of the BIM method is long and challenging, introduces the need for change management and requires integrating information flows between the various existing processes, which invest distinct responsibility centers.

The next act will therefore concern the definition of the BIM Bank of Italy standards and the drafting of integrated guidelines with the procedures and applications already in use. The rules for modeling and sharing data, levels of definition and detail of information, decision-making processes, roles and responsibilities will be indicated. Then the templates will be defined able to standardize the data bases and accommodate in a congruent and organized way the informative content of every real estate initiative.

The document will be completed by an informative report, which represents the tool for digital management of the project and control of the subsequent phases of construction and maintenance of the work.

In the future, the digitalization of the construction sector will be ever greater and the Bank of Italy is ready to welcome this innovation. The use of BIM in the management of institutional properties will optimize processes, increase quality and contain costs.