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Ball Aerospace launches Opticks open source software

Dayton, USA, December 10, 2007: Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp. has launched Opticks, the company’s first open source software project designed to enable detailed analysis of remote sensing data. With the release of Opticks, Ball Aerospace anticipates gaining access to new fields that can benefit from the processing and exploitation of remote sensing data.

Opticks is used by scientists and analysts within the Department of Defense Intelligence Community to analyze remote sensing data and produce actionable intelligence. Opticks supports Imagery, Motion Imagery, Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR), and multi-spectral and hyper-spectral remote sensing data. Ball Aerospace expects Opticks to increase the demand for remote sensing data and broaden the features available in existing remote sensing software.

“Ball Aerospace’s Opticks demonstrates how government-sponsored code originally developed by a contractor can be maximized by releasing it as open source,” said John M. Weathersby, executive director of the Open-Source Software Institute. “This creative business development effort is consistent with the forward-thinking strategy outlined in the Department of Defense’s Open Technology Development roadmap.”

Ball Aerospace’s launch of Opticks establishes an open source community for support and collaborative development. Over 100 users have already registered at the Opticks Web site. Opticks also enables software developers to easily extend the product’s capabilities or tailor Opticks to support new types of remote sensing data. To become a part of the open source community, download the Ball Aerospace Opticks software at: .

Ball Aerospace has provided support in exploitation of remote sensing data for the National Air and Space Intelligence Center (NASIC), located at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio, for more than 23 years. This has resulted in Ball’s proven expertise in developing algorithms and software tools used to process and analyze the data. The NASIC intelligence products that result from Ball’s capabilities directly support on-going military operations, national decision makers and other members of the intelligence community.