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‘Bahrain saves BHD 31 mn through integration of services’

Bahrain: The plan to integrate all services of the Kingdom of Bahrain into the Central Informatics and Telecommunication hub saved the government BHD (Bahrain Dinar) 31 million, said Dr Khalid Abdul Rahman Al Haidan, Director Geographic Information System, in the CITO.

He told the Bahrain News Agency that a government plan to integrate all the information available with the government and other services was put to bidding and found that the lowest quote was BHD 31 million.

It was at this point that the government, which had already invested in the formation of the CITO asked them to take on the challenge. Dr Khalid said that the company which bid the lowest had asked for a time frame of three years to complete the integration. “However, when we were given the project, we got to work and the same work could be completed in six months and without any cost to the government,” he added.

When the amount was mentioned, it was generally felt, said the GIS director that the same money could be utilised elsewhere more efficiently. “Today the integration has resulted in a database which has all the information including the vegetation, addresses, roads, hospitals and services,” he said.

The level of integration, he said, is such that a new resident, looking for any service has only to get on the computer, inform the computer the location of the person and key in the requirement. The software would immediately give all the information available in the nearest possible distance, said Dr Khalid.

Source: BNA