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Bahrain launches five new geospatial maps

Manama, Bahrain: Bahrain has added five new geospatial slides to its national geographic database.”The new maps specify land heights across Bahrain and provide health and demographic details, in addition to the geoid”, said Dr Khalid Abdulrahman AlHidan, Geospatial IT Director, General Informatics Organisation.

Bahrain has already developed over 25 state-of-the-art maps detailing Bahrain’s modern infrastructure. They also form the national geospatial database including addresses, buildings, water, electrical and telecommunications networks, oil and gas canalisations and other key infrastructure features. The geospatial database, which includes maps and geoid, serves over 30 government departments round the clock. “The database is instrumental in fast-tracking decision-making and services and promoting planning”, Dr Al Hidan said. The new maps are part of sustained efforts to upgrade Bahrain’s database and support government departments and the private sector. The database has been developed to meet the needs of the administration as it features useful information.

Source: Bahrain News Agency