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Bahrain inland area expands to 765.3 sq km

Manama, Bahrain: The overall inland area of Bahrain expanded to 765.3 square kilometres last year, up from 759 square kilometres in 2010. “The new area of Bahrain has been measured by US Geoeye imaging satellite at 41-centimetre resolution,” announced Dr Khalid Abdulrahman Al Haidan, Director, Central Informatics Organisation (CIO) Geographic Information Systems, Bahrain.

Six years ago, the area of Bahrain was 741.1 square kilometres before expanding to top 757.9 square kilometres in 2009. The overall area of Bahrain averages 8,267 square kilometres — including its territorial borders. According to updated data, Bahrain’s overall borders stand now at 933 kilometres.

Bahrain has been involved in major reclamation project to accommodate the ever-increasing population that reached more than one million and urbanisation expansions, as well as commercial tourism projects.

Environmentalists have been warning of the affect of reclamation on marine life and other aspects that impose threats to environment situations of Bahrain in the future.

Source: www.khaleejtimes.com