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BAE SYSTEMS wins order for P-3C landing system receivers

19 August 2002 BAE SYSTEMS has received a $2 million order from the U.S. Air Force to provide Multi-Mode Landing System Receivers for various Air Force and Department of Defence aircraft to meet Global Air Traffic Management requirements.

Multi-Mode Receivers (MMR), produced by BAE SYSTEMS Communication, Navigation & Identification business unit in Wayne, New Jersey, are capable of operating on multiple systems, permitting military aircraft to communicate with any airfield using landing aids. Worldwide standards are migrating from terrestrial-based to satellite-based landing aids, airfields no longer use only one landing system. BAE SYSTEMS MMR’s are capable of operating in the following modes: FM-immune Instrument Landing System (ILS), Microwave Landing System (MLS), Global Positioning System (GPS) en route navigation, VHF Omni-Range (VOR), and growth to future navigation systems.

The order, to deliver 52 systems over the next seven months, was made on a best value determination. This Air Force order is one of four multiple award contracts that was competitively awarded in Fiscal Year 1999.

The systems will be installed aboard U.S. Navy P-3C aircraft, providing the aircraft with an FM-immune Instrument Landing System (ILS). FM immunity, the ability to identify and filter out stray FM signals (adjacent to the ILS band), is required for receivers operating in Europe.