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BAE Systems releases VITec ELT 6.2

BAE Systems announced the release of VITec Electronic Light Table (ELT) version 6.2 that claims to be based on the needs of users. VITec ELT 6.2 brings a ‘remarkable’ change in image exploitation processes with the end result being increased operational speed and efficiency.

The product now provides template creation options, from size and annotation types to special template variables that can be saved for future use. Several of these template variables are available from the image header, and contain auto-populated fields, which minimize text entry for the user.

Along with the product creation enhancements available in VITec ELT 6.2, new tools have been added that will enhance the VITec user’s analysis capabilities. These tools include interactive pseudocolor, pixel digital number, and density slicing tools. These tools increase the speed and efficiency of analysis work by providing the user a quick and easy means of identifying important objects in the imagery.

The Interactive Pseudocolor tool provides a dynamic adjustment for pseudocolor display on grayscale images that allows the user to click a button and quickly identify changes in terrain. The Interactive Pixel D/N tool allows users to identify individual pixel values and intensity, and match identical values across an entire image. The Interactive Density Slicing tool provides a quick-look grayscale categorization of like-image pixels for easy determination of like-objects across a large area.

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