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BAE Systems named ASPRS partner in education

BAE Systems has been named an ASPRS partner in Education for their financial support of the ASPRS Career Brochure. The Career Brochure was developed by ASPRS as a tool for recruiting high school and undergraduate students into geospatial technology field careers. Each year, thousands of brochures are distributed to schools across the country free of charge upon request. This coming year, with the support from BAE Systems, ASPRS will be able to produce another 40,000 brochures for distribution. The ASPRS Career Brochure has received many positive comments since it was first introduced. In fact, the United States Military Academy at West Point has been using them for several years. ASPRS created the Partners in Education program to support the Society’s effort to educate students as well as the public, about the modern uses of remote sensing, GIS, and photogrammetry. The ASPRS mission is to advance the knowledge and understanding of the mapping sciences and to promote the responsible applications of photogrammetry, remote sensing, GIS, and supporting technologies. Through the Partners in Education Program, ASPRS Sustaining Members provide direct support to the ASPRS education agenda through tax-free donations.