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BAE SYSTEMS introduces Automation Technology for map creation

California, USA, 07 May 2007: BAE Systems has released its Automatic Terrain Extraction (NGATE) software for creating 3D models from satellite or aerial imagery. The 3D terrain and surface models generated by NGATE can be used for all the GIS applications wherever elevation data is needed.

NGATE uses a hybrid matching process to create precise elevation data for 3D terrain and surface models. The software is specifically designed for mapping urban areas, large geographic landscapes, mountainous or rough terrain, and areas with little contrast, such as road surfaces on large-scale imagery and vast deserts.

“NGATE represents a significant advance in image processing automation,” said Dan London, vice president of sales and marketing for BAE Systems’ in San Diego. He added, “The software can dramatically reduce labor hours and is highly accurate when compared to other automated algorithms.”

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