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BAE opts for EPIR to fabricate its detector array tech

Bolingbrook, US: BAE Systems selected EPIR Technologies Inc. for fabrication of its Liquid Phase Epitaxy (LPE) Mercury Cadmium Telluride (MCT) detector array technology. Under this agreement EPIR, an existing provider of MCT detectors, will manufacture and supply this technology, used in infrared system applications. These applications include areas of imaging and remote sensing for tactical, ground, air, and space platforms, including weather satellites and atmospheric observation instruments.

Dr. Chelva Kumar, President, EPIR said, “This transition and the formation of an IR (Infrared) foundry will be a very significant step towards horizontal integration providing an on shore, trusted material foundry vital to the US national security, helping reduce the cost of IR systems to the Department of Defence.”

BAE Systems’ proprietary growth and fabrication processes provide the highest-performing sensors in the industry. Under this licensing agreement, EPIR will transfer these BAE Systems’ proven technologies to its foundry, based in the Chicago, IL area, to manufacture LPE MCT detector arrays. Liquid Phase Epitaxy MCT detector design, development and manufacturing capability is strategically important to the US, and this licensing agreement will allow this critical technology to remain available to our customers and the community at large.

BAE Systems will retain the capabilities for design, development and production of cameras and focal plane arrays for the infrared detection market, including read-out integrated circuit (ROIC) design, hybridization, testing and Dewar assembly.

Source: Market Watch