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BAE mapping software integrates with Google Earth

San Diego, USA, July 19, 2007: SOCET GXP v2.3, a new version of BAE Systems’ image analysis and mapping software integrates with Google Earth and the ESRI geodatabase thus enabling analysts to evaluate and share intelligence data.

SOCET GXP v2.3 interacts with Google Earth in real time, 3D colour visualization and gives geospatial context to objects of interest, resulting in enhanced intelligence for mission planning. With additional tools for detecting changes from one day to the next, analysts can anticipate conditions such as rough terrain or collapsed bridges and pinpoint operational routes more accurately.

It also provides a direct connection to the ESRI’s geodatabase, its common data storage and management framework. Connection with the database allows users to work with data over secure networks for accurate, timely analysis.

The application also supports the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency’s Spatially Enabled Exploitation initiative to standardize image data formats for optimal information sharing across global networks. The application produces image graphics — such as roads, buildings, and targets — using a ground coordinate system that records latitude, longitude, and elevation data, eliminating the need for manual registration.

SOCET GXP v2.3 is available on Microsoft Windows and UNIX Solaris 8, 9, and 10 operating systems and supports ground space graphics for a wide range of government and commercial sources.