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Azteca Systems launches Cityworks Anywhere

Salt Lake City, USA, 10 May 2006 — Azteca Systems, Inc. announced the release of Cityworks Anywhere in conjunction with Cityworks Desktop Version 4.3.1. Azteca Systems developed Cityworks Anywhere and Cityworks Desktop utilizing a common architecture with variable deployment options. Cityworks Anywhere offers embedded GIS View and Edit tools, while Cityworks Desktop can be deployed with traditional ESRI’s ArcGIS desktop software or in stand-alone mode.

With full support for ESRI’s ArcGIS suite and the geodatabase, Cityworks is a GIS-centric AMMS available. Cityworks Anywhere is available with built-in map View and asset Attribute Editing options and is deployed with ArcGIS Engine. Cityworks Desktop is deployed with ArcGIS desktop or in stand-alone operation. Both products are fully compliant with ESRI’s ArcGIS 9.x and leading relational database systems.