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Azimap 5.0 now also offers Router Optimization, Lasso features

The release of Azimap 5.0 on May 9 will be a customer’s delight. The mapping solution focusses on user experience, streamlining workflows and the development of new functionality. Customers also have the option of free trial for 30 days.

With the release itself, Azimap 5.0 will provide the following functionalities with immediate effect:

Route Optimization

The route optimization tool, enables organizations to identify the most efficient route to their destination by time. Developed using Open Source Routing Machine, routes are optimized by driving time and enables logistic handlers to optimize routes for moving vehicles by driving time and journey requirements such as single or multiple trips. The route optimization enhancement feature also takes into consideration the rules of the road for example traffic lights, one-way streets, and speed restrictions.

Swipe Layer

The swipe layer enhancement provides map users with the ability to visually compare layers by swiping left or right. For example, users can easily visualize and analyze differences on the Earth surface following natural disasters such as flooding, gorse fires, landslides etc.

Lasso feature selection

Being able to select multiple features to establish relationships in data is an important function within any GIS professional’s role. However, if features are clustered together this can be extremely difficult when using the box select tool, which is why we’re delighted to announce the release of Lasso select. Using the Lasso select feature, users can draw around the features they need to analyze which are then returned in a list view. Enabling the map editor to quickly zoom to and view specific feature information.

Group layers

Individual layers can be added to layer groups. By adding closely related layers to a layer group, those layers can be treated as a single entity on a map. For example, a layer group of utility layers such as gas mains, water mains, and telecom lines could be related together in a group. This group can then be treated as a single utilities layer on the map.

Apart from new features, the Azimap 5.0 release incorporates significant feature and user interface enhancements. David McQuillan, Managing Director, Azimap says, “The Azimap 5.0 release has focused on user experience, development of new functionality and feature enhancements. The requirements of 5.0 release were driven by customer feedback following workshops, which identified that our customers demanded a map first approach as opposed to data.”

McQuillan adds, “Listening to our customers enabled us to evaluate workflows and road-map to focus on our customer requirements. As a result, the Azimap 5.0 is the most significant release to date as whilst focusing on customer feedback, it also strategically positions Azimap as an intuitive feature rich enterprise web GIS which can and should be benchmarked with the leading industry web GIS providers.”