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Azercosmos to control SPOT 6 & 7 satellites

Spot 7 SatelliteAzerbaijan, November 11, 2014: Azerbaijan Communications and High Technologies Ministry has informed media that its space agency Azercosmos, along with French company – Airbus Defence and Space, will jointly use the low-earth-orbit satellites SPOT 6 and SPOT 7.

Each of these satellites is capable of daily surveying an Earth's surface area up to three million square kilometres and has higher capacity than its predecessors — SPOT 4 and SPOT 5. SPOT 6 and 7 offer resolution of up to 1.5 meters in panchromatic mode and up to six meters using multispectral imaging, and the swath width of the survey is 60 km.

In this regard, Azercosmos and Airbus Defence and Space signed a memorandum of understanding in May. Currently, the preparation process of an agreement on strategic cooperation between the Ministry and Airbus Defence and Space is in its final stage. Once signed, the agreement would also call for sharing of data from satellites, as well as equitable distribution of income derived from the operation of the satellites between the Airbus Defence and Space and Azercosmos.

The Ministry expects that Azercosmos would gain full ownership of SPOT 7 satellite by the year-end, after which its commercial operation would begin. The remote-sensing satellite SPOT 6 was launched in September 2012, and SPOT-7 was launched in June 2014.

Source: Azer News