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Azerbaijan to launch Aerogeodetic Center

Azerbaijan: The State Aerogeodetic Center will soon open in Azerbaijan, according to Azerbaijani State Committee for Land and Cartography Chairman Garib Mammadov. The centre will receive information from 37 satellite geodetic stations of the country for further processing.

“A satellite geodetic network was established under the Real Estate Registration Project of the World Bank and Azerbaijani Government. The network covers a large part of Azerbaijan excluding the occupied territories, as well as Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, and working around the clock. The network includes 37 satellite stations,” Mammadov said.

Agreements will then be signed with companies that won the international tender for the project component, which includes preparation of land cadastral maps covering the country for four million hectares.

“Also, work is underway on the preparation of orthophotos at scale of 1:1000, 1:5,000 and 1:10,000 in 65 square kilometres with airphotgraphy and satellite imagery,” Mammadov added.

Earlier in July 2007, the government and the World Bank signed an agreement on the joint introduction of a unified real estate cadastre. The project consists of four components: property, management and state property registration, base cartography and land cadastre, trainings, and forming project policy and management.

Source: en.trend.az