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Azerbaijan to introduce new address system

Baku, Azerbaijan: Director of Norwegian Cadastre and Cartography Organization Helge Onsrud announced that a GIS-based Electronic Registry of Azerbaijani addresses will be developed by ready by the end of 2012. State Committee on Property Issue in Azerbaijan has collaborated with Norwegian Cadastre and Cartography Organization to develop the system.

The registry will be kept by Real Property Cadastre and technical inventory centre of State Committee on Property Issues. The State Committee stated that it is necessary to introduce GIS and coordination system of address specification, specify coordinates of all exits and entrances, streets and roads for introduction of the address registry on EURADIN and INSPIRE standards.

In October 2011, the State Committee has planned to announce a tender for selection of provider on system creation and create it by mid-2012. The new address system will be commissioned by the end of 2012 but migration from old system to the new one will take time. Under the optimistic estimates single address registry will operate in 2013.

At the first stage Azerbaijani government’s investments are estimated at AZN 1 million.

Source: abc.az