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Azerbaijan improving land cadastral system

Azerbaijan: Based on the Grant Arrangement signed by Korea and Azerbaijan governments, Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) representing Korea government supported worth 1.5 million USD to build cadastral system in SPCSLCM (Scientific Production Centre of State Land Cadastre and Monitoring Center) under the State Committee for Land and Cartography, Azerbaijan.

The decision was taken during the interim briefing session of KOICA project for the improvement of the land cadastral system in Azerbaijan.

Korea Cadastral Survey Corporation (KCSC) was selected as an implementing organisation of KOICA project and implemented consulting about efficient land registration plans by dispatching four cadastral experts to Baku for three months from September 2009. From February 2010, KCSC sent nine surveyors and fulfilled field surveying in Zira settlement of Khazar Rayon (about 1,000ha), the pilot project site. On March 16, 2010, KCSC also installed GPS Pillar in Zira settlement followed by the completion of the boundary surveying by RTK-GPS and total station.

Furthermore, on June 1, 2010, aerial photogrammetry was completed, and orthophoto map was drawn. Stereo-photogrammetric compilation on utilities such as building, road, electronic cable, gas pipeline, etc is being progressed presently. When the stereo-photogrammetric compilation is completed, KCSC will draw up digital cadastral map and digital topographic map. Lastly, by combining it with results of field surveying, will complete Core data of land registration system.

Finally, the project will be concluded when land registration system including H/W and S/W that will be supported from KOICA is installed in SPCSLCM at the second half of this year and all sorts of surveying-related data and property-related data are inputted there.

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