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Azerbaijan, Georgia complete border demarcation

Baku, Azerbaijan: Azerbaijani and Georgian experts have completed work on the demarcation of the border, announced Garib Mammadov, Chairman, Azerbaijani State Land and Cartography Committee.

“Currently, we expect the invitation of the Georgian side to discuss the work conducted at the expert level,” Mammadov said. Around 180 kilometres of the 480limoetrs-border between Azerbaijan and Georgia has not been clarified yet.

Regarding the Keshikchi dag complex, which is on the inconsistent side of the border with Georgia, Mammadov said borders can not be identified on some historical monuments. “The duty maps of the former Soviet are taken to account in determining the boundaries,” he added.

The Keshikchi dag complex, which Georgians call the David Gareji complex, Azerbaijani historians regard as the monument of Albanian culture.

Source: Trend