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Azerbaijan Aviation Academy selects PCI Geomatica

Baku, Azerbaijan: National Aviation Academy (NAA) in Azerbaijan signed an agreement with Russian company “Geo-Alliance” to introduce PCI Geomatica software in the NAA for processing of aero-photo and satellite data.

“Geo-Alliance” is the official provider of PCI Geomatica software, developed by Canada-based PCI Geomatics. The introduction of the system allows the Academy, with the help of Geo-Alliance, to handle the data obtained from the sensing satellite. Geo-Alliance has distribution agreements with companies owning satellites DigitalGlobe / HitachiSoftware, EuropeanSpaceImaging, GeoEye, SPOTImage and InfoterraGmbH, and is a partner of the US Geological Survey (USGS).

Information gained after processing of aero-photo and satellite data, can be used by organisations like the State Committee for Land and Cartography, Ecology and Natural Resources Ministry, the State Border Service, etc. Introducing the PCI Geomatica solution will enable NAA to expand opportunities for conducting research work, use it in the learning process, and use its capabilities after Azerbaijan launches its own satellite.

According to the agreement with the NAA, Geo-Alliance will provide services for training in the PCI Geomatics software products, and organise basic courses on satellite Earth remote sensing data.

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