Azerbaijan and Armenia reach understanding

Azerbaijan and Armenia reach understanding


Baku, Azerbaijan: Azerbaijan has solved the issue of drafting orthophotomaterials in the area adjacent to the country’s territories occupied by Armenia. Chairman of the Azerbaijani State Committee for Land and Cartography (SCLC) Garib Mammadov informed that the work on orthophotomaterials has been completed.

“Orthophotomaterials on the main part of the country were made using aerial photography. On the part adjoining to the occupied areas of the country, where aerial survey is not possible, materials were prepared by shooting from space,” Mammadov said.

Work was conducted in accordance with WB-financed real estate registration project. The project will cover the entire Azerbaijan. It has been financed at the expense of USD 30 million loan, extended by the International Bank for Reconstruction & Development Bank (IBRD) for the term of 20 years with five–year grace term. Total project cost is USD 38.57 million. USD 8.57 of them will be allocated by the Azerbaijani government. The project finances will be apportioned equally (25 percent) between agriculture, finance (housing finance and real estate markets), telecommunications and general public and administration sectors.