Azerbaijan aims to develop single cadastre system

Azerbaijan aims to develop single cadastre system


Baku, Azerbaijan: The government of Azerbaijan is serious about the development of cadastre system in the country, Azerbaijan Business Center reports.

According to Garib Mammadov, Chairman, State Committee for Land and Cartography, Azerbaijan, “the country needs to adopt a relevant law for creation of single property cadastre.”

“Today we have no problems with land cadastre, but there are also sectoral cadastres on roads, railways, facilities and communication lines, water and irrigational infrastructure etc. They are run by different organisations and are disunited. A law is necessary for their consolidation into a single cadastre to ensure legal basis for formation of single database and interagency information exchange and appoint a single body to run this cadastre,” Mammadov said.

It should be noted that Azerbaijan’s available cadastre systems have regional differences which is linked with activities of various donor organisations.