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Axiom releases SequenceEditor for MicroStation V8.

Axiom, the provider of productivity-enhancing MicroStation utilities, has announced the release of SequenceEditor for V8, the MicroStation utility that allows users to control the display sequence of elements (even elements on the same level) that may be incorrectly overlapped by other elements. SequenceEditor for V8 is one of seven utilities released by Axiom for MicroStation V8 so far.

SequenceEditor for V8 changes the sequence of elements in a design file so that the elements display (and plot) in the sequence the user desires. With its “Pull to front” and “Push to back” features, SequenceEditor for V8 can manipulate the order of the elements, thus permanently correcting any incorrect overlapping of elements and placing them to the user’s liking.

“SequenceEditor makes sure that elements aren’t mistakenly overlapped by other elements,” states John Blankenship, Senior Designer at Parsons Corporation in Orlando, Florida. Currently, Mr. Blankenship and the Parsons team are working on a high-speed railway project. The project requires that they present the progress of the project to community groups around Florida. “Although most of the general public isn’t concerned with all the technical aspects of the project, they are impressed with the easy-to-read presentations we can create. SequenceEditor makes the display boards look neat and attractive to the public. I like using SequenceEditor because it makes us look good.”

SequenceEditor for V8 is part of the growing MicroStation Productivity Toolkit for V8 — the collection of productivity-boosting MicroStation utilities committed to streamlining tedious tasks MicroStation users must perform over and over during design sessions.