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AWhere(R) and Maponics(R) Partner to Provide ZIP Code Data Layer

US – In partnership with Maponics, a leading provider of GIS map data, AWhere, Inc has added a ZIP Code map data layer to its geo-analytic software for businesses. Now AWhere Express and Professional users have a cost effective way to map and view their business data by ZIP Code, without having to purchase an expensive geographic information system (GIS system).

ZIP Codes are actually groups of addresses given the same code by the USPS for ease of delivery, not geographic areas with boundaries. Maponics’ expertise was needed to group these addresses together and create accurate ZIP Code coverage boundaries. The data was then simplified and turned into an amap data layer file that could be easily integrated via any AWhere connection. Now available as a low cost add-on, this data allows users to map ZIP Codes alone, or use AWhere’s spatial join tool to aggregate ZIP Code data with data from other data layers, for added impact. This is important for sales territory creation and management, target marketing, logistics and more.

In addition to giving users access to the ZIP Code boundaries for the 50 United States, Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia, the new ZIP Code data amap file offers information about each ZIP Code, including: Postal Town Name, County, State, 3-Digit ZIP Code, the number of deliveries for: business, residential, P.O. box, single and multi-family as well as latitude and longitude. A Free trial of the data sets and AWhere are available at: www.awhere.com/Products/MaponicsData.aspx