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AVL systems for efficient fleet management

The City of Marietta, Ga., has selected CompassCom Inc.’s Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) suite of products to assist in the tracking, monitoring, and dispatching of vehicles for its various departments. The CompassCom CompassTrac AVL system will integrate seamlessly with Marietta’s existing digital maps, GIS data, and legacy radio dispatch technology. CompassCom has installed the vehicle-tracking units in vehicles used by three municipal departments. Plans are being considered to expand the AVL system to include additional vehicles in the city. CompassTrac enhances the effectiveness and efficiency of Marietta’s fleet management by enabling dispatchers to view vehicle location and status in real time on a map screen so they can assign a job or emergency call to the available vehicle closest to the situation. The computerized AVL system even allows Marietta’s personnel to replay a dispatch scenario later to analyze routing procedures and results.

The CompassCom suite of AVL products can pinpoint direction, speed, and location of vehicles in real time and display this information on a dispatch map screen. CompassTrac provides variable location updates for vehicles in multiple fleets simultaneously. CompassCom developed this product to integrate with many of the communications systems commonly used by existing dispatch centers. Marietta, a suburb of Atlanta, has a population of more than 60,000 full-time residents and grows each workday as thousands of workers enter the city. Marietta has been designated a “City of Excellence” in recognition as one of the state’s ten best-managed and most livable cities. Marietta received this honor because of its advanced technology, financial stability, and citizen-oriented government.

CompassCom was established in 1994 as a product and service provider for GPS, GIS, and AVL markets. CompassCom offers complete GPS and GIS solutions as a business partner with Trimble Navigation and ESRI Inc. CompassCom and CompassTrac are both registered trademarks.