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Avineon successfully delivers Tucson Water

Avineon was selected by Tucson Water (TW) to perform the Valve Map GIS project, which entails conversion of TW’s existing hardcopy maps into a seamless GIS data set. In November 2002 Avineon’s Baymont Division successfully delivered the first milestone pilot area. TW is a department of the City of Tucson, Arizona providing both potable and non-potable water services to approximately 635,000 customers located in a 300 square mile area within the Tucson metropolitan area.

TW operates over 4,000 miles of water mains represented on approximately 1,600 hardcopy valve maps. Avineon will use its established Data Capture System (DCS) to convert the valve maps into a seamless GIS data set referenced to the existing Pima County digital landbase layer. Final delivery of the data will be made in the ArcSDE/Oracle Geodatabase environment. Avineon will complete the TW Valve Map GIS Project within twenty-four months. All data conversion tasks are being performed at Avineon’s Clearwater, Florida facility, where enhanced security measures ensure that only project team members have access to TW’s hardcopy and digital data.