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Avineon announces the acquisition of AGRA Baymont

Avineon has announced that it has acquired most of the assets of AGRA Baymont, Inc., Clearwater, FL. The acquisition of Baymont increases Avineon’s while enhancing its strategic position in the GIS industry.

Baymont brings over twenty years of experience in GIS, Automated Mapping / Facilities Management (AM/FM), mapping and photogrammetry services to Avineon. With this acquisition, Avineon now offers the full range of services necessary for successful GIS implementation including needs analysis, specification development, software development, training, project management, photogrammetric mapping, stereo-compilation, photo interpretation/remote sensing, landbase and facilities data capture, database development, and data maintenance.

Avineon’s Baymont Division will continue operations as the focal point for the company’s GIS service offerings. These services include environmental and photogrammetric mapping for federal, state, and local government agencies; facilities mapping for telephone, electric, gas, water, and waste water utilities; and a variety of other geospatial services.