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Avenza ships MAPublisher 5.0 for FreeHand

Avenza Systems Inc. announces the release of MAPublisher 5.0 for Macromedia FreeHand, mapmaking software to produce quality maps from GIS data. Significant new functionality includes support for FreeHand MX, Apple Mac OS X and import of MicroStation Design (DGN) files.

New features in MAPublisher 5.0 for Illustrator:

Macromedia FreeHand 10 & MX compatible
Mac OS X compatible
MicroStation DGN file import
Douglas-Peucker Line Simplification
Plot points in decimal degrees or DMS onto any projected plane
Convert between DMS and decimal degrees
Create GeoTiffs and other geo-referenced raster images
Store map projections in already projected files after import
‘Sticky’ selection menus remember last menu selection
Automatic Scale bar creation
Automatic Grid generation in page units
Simplify Arcs
Bezier curve creation from GIS data segments
Bezier curve support during scale transformation, projecting, area and length calculations
Area drawing tools in map units
Copy and paste map data between layers
Automatic grain calculation on data import
Updated e00 import, now imports all components (anno, pnt, arc, poly)
Create grids in differing page units
DGN data automatically attributed level during import

Project data to different output map units